Saturday, October 3, 2009

EyePal Pinhole


  1. EyePal pinholes are making sighting easier for Archers and iron-sight shooters. Both groups are getting the message on the archery hunting cable shows being aired on Sportsman and Outdoor Channels.

  2. The EyePal Pinhole Sighting System is a co-sponsor at the 2011 CMP National Trophy Pistol, Rifle and Games Matches along with Colt, Glock and Springfield Armory. EyePal produces a clear sight picture that's hard to beat for iron-sight competition shooting. Reflex, red-dots and lasers are in perfect focus every time, no matter what your Rx may be. Even natural 20/15 eyes don't have Depth of Field. Archers are amazed. EyePal - guaranteed performance - getting you back to the range.