Monday, April 21, 2014

EyePal Peep Sighting System puts slug gun sights in focus

I love the EyePal peep sight system. Having bifocals created a
real challenge for me to use the iron sights on my shotgun when deer
hunting. I use the EyePal peep sight and both front and rear sights are
clear. In the early morning and late afternoon hours, I use the handgun
peep sight as it gets difficult in the darker hours with the small rifle
sight. Shot a nice doe at closing time a year ago at about 50 yards. Hit
her right where I aimed.

Recently I lost the handgun peep sight and, as promised, your brother
replaced it for free when I visited your booth, at a military show, in
Springfield this year.

You have a great product and offer great service. Thank-you!
Feel free to use this testimonial as you wish. I fully endorse the EyePal
peep sighting system.

Thanks again,
  A.J. Mastrofrancesco
  Wolcott, CT.

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